Program FAQ

Who is eligible to register for your programs?

Youth rowing programs are for participants ages 12-18; Adult programs are for participants ages 21 and up.

Which program is right for me?

If you are new to rowing, our Intro programs are designed to get you on the water and enjoying the benefits of rowing in a fun, safe and professionally-staffed atmosphere. If you have past rowing experience and feel that you can join a more advanced group, please contact our Head Coach or Director to determine the best fit for your skill level.

What is an erg?

An erg, or indoor rowing machine, is a frequently used tool to simulate the rowing stroke off the water. Winter training practices are centered around the erg, focusing on correcting and maintaining proper rowing technique as well as building fitness and stamina for the season to come. During the warmer months, the erg is used as a supplemental training tool for youth and adult programs.

What should I wear for rowing practice?

RowAmerica has a strict clothing policy which requires all rowers to wear hi-visibility (Hi-Vis) yellow tops at all times for maximum on-water visibility and safety. If the weather is chilly, you may want to dress in layers as you will warm up once practice begins. Just remember to keep your outermost top layer Hi-Vis! Slim-fitting shorts or tights that will not get caught in seat tracks and wheels are also recommended. Most rowing shells are fitted with shoes, so your own running shoes will stay on the dock. Always carry a refillable water bottle, and wear a hat with a sun-visor to protect your eyes and face.

Visit Scull & Sweep’s Online Store for all of your rowing gear and accessories needs! Scull & Sweep also has product that does NOT have the RowAmerica logo so make sure to find our collection under the TEAM STORE tab.

At the beginning of the season, all NEW parents and rowers will have been sent an invitation to gain access to the RowAmerica Team Store (it might have gone to your spam folder!) but if you are having trouble accessing the Team Store, please contact for help.

It’s raining. Is there still practice?

On-the-water practices are only cancelled in the event of thunder and/or lightning. We will still row in a light rain! Be prepared to get wet by wearing light, waterproof and breathable layers of clothing. If the temperatures are low, a wool hat and socks will also keep you comfortable. On-the-water practices that cannot be held due to weather will be cancelled.

I need to miss a practice. What should I do?

Please contact your coach as soon as you know that you will be missing a practice. Groups are arranged based on boat requirements, and your group may be depending on you to get on the water! If you are new to rowing, the first few weeks of the Intro program are essential for your continued safety, both on and off the water. If you will be missing any practices where you will be reviewing safety procedures or learning about the equipment, your coach may request a private session to cover the material that you have missed.

When can kids join the Youth Racing Team?

Athletes must be in 8th-12th grade to be eligible to join our racing team.

What does it mean to be a “Novice?”

Novice is used to describe a rower’s first race-eligible season on the racing team. It is a season when they compete against only other novice rowers, and gives rowers new to racing a chance to excel in that pool of competition before racing in varsity categories. Typically the novice year runs June 1st to the following May 31st.

Is there an adult annual membership?

RowAmerica functions on a programming basis. Adults can access the boathouse outside of practices during the same season as their programming enrollment.

What extra fees will I be responsible for if I participate in a Racing Team program?

The Youth Racing Team registration includes entry fees and coaching & trailering fees for all regularly scheduled regattas except special, invitation-only regattas such as the Head of the Charles and National-level regattas. Youth will be responsible for covering their own expenses related to attending a regatta, including transportation, food & lodging.

Adult Racing Team registrations do not include entry fees, coaching fees and trailering fees for regattas. Adults will be responsible for their proportional share of entry fees, trailering fees and coaching fees for each regatta. An estimate of each event’s expenses will be shared with participants prior to registration. Invoices will be distributed for payment within one week following the event date. Adults will also be responsible for their transportation, food and lodging.

Is the cost the same for rowers and coxswains?

The cost for coxswains on the Youth Racing Team is half the price of the program for rowers. The coxswain is a valuable leadership role in the boat and can help make or break a crew’s chances of succeeding at local, regional and national regattas. Offering this opportunity at half price makes the position more competitive for the racing team. The cost is the same for Intro and CrewFit as we want to make sure all coxswains are trained in rowing as well if they are physically able to row. In these programs they may do a mix of rowing and coxing.

What do I need to do before coming to my first practice?

We ask all participants to watch the USRowing safety video before you begin a rowing program. This goes over some good information to make sure everyone is able to keep themselves and the equipment safe. Once you view the video, please complete the completion survey. Bring your questions to your first practice as we know that you won’t necessarily understand a lot of the terms they use in the video.

Video Link:
Completion Form Link:–P007K4C7c1id0hBCZkdcaK5k/viewform



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